How To Be More Grounded & Five Flower Essences To Help

Feeling Ungrounded?

Insights and 5 Flower Essences to help with grounding, presence and living in the moment.

Clematis Bach Flower Remedies - 10ml and 25ml bottles

Join Sam & Jackie from Crystal Herbs to discover whether you’re ungrounded, the reasons why that happens, tips for supporting yourself when you lose connection with yourself, and how flower essences can help you to be more present and live in the moment.

Being ungrounded is very common and happens so unconsciously that many of us don’t even recognise when we’ve lost our connection. We explore some of the emotional triggers, personal patterns and habits that create disconnection from your emotions, your body and the earth, and share personal insights about how we’ve learnt to become more present and connected.

Learn how to become grounded is about building a relationship with all parts of yourself so that you can heal and nurture the parts that are in pain and show up in your life with more love, presence and self-awareness.

We discuss how essences made from the natural energies of flowers, gems and crystals hold a safe and grounded space for us when we are not able to do that for ourselves and we’re exploring our Top 5 Vibrational Essences to help you feel more grounded, connected and present: Clematis Bach Flower Remedy, Loosestrife Flower Essence, Valerian Flower Essence, Feeling Safe Essence & Earth Star Essence.

You will resonate with this video if you can be disorganised, spaced out and daydreamy, distracted, unfocused, can’t concentrate, don’t feel safe in your body, think about the past or the future a lot, or check out and find it hard to feel your emotions. We hope you’ll join us and do let us know what you found most interesting, useful, surprising or inspiring!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at grounding and being present. We’d love to hear your experiences of working with these patterns or any of the essences we’ve mentioned, so please do leave us a comment and share your experiences!

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