Unconditional Love Rose Meditation

Listen to our Unconditional Love Rose Meditation

Picture of Catherine Keattch

Attune with unconditional love and create a mandala of rose frequencies for awakened heart consciousness with Catherine Keattch in our Unconditional Love Rose Meditation.

During this 10 minute meditation you will:

  • Ground your energy with the earth and centre yourself in a bubble of love and light;
  • Attune with the frequency of roses to move your consciousness into your heart;
  • Create a living rose mandala of unconditional love within your heart;
  • Align with unity consciousness to awaken more peace, joy, harmony, compassion and wisdom;
  • Expand and maintain the frequency of unconditional love through your body, mind and emotions.

The Unconditional Love rose combination mentioned in this meditation can be found here: Unconditional Love Rose Essence

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